MiYO Pink Liquid Ceramic for Tissue

MiYO Pink Quickstart

The MiYO® Pink Gingival System gives technicians the unique ability to create the depth, vitality and texture found in natural tissue, in unprecedented thicknesses of 0.1mm-0.2mm.  The system is comprised of 12 self-glazing colors (6 dense in opacity and 3 highly translucent) and 3 structure materials.


MiYO Pink Quickstart

Intended Use

A Type 1, class 1b ceramic for the coloring, enhancing, and glazing of the following restoration types: Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate.

Pre-Color Preparation

Surface should be clean and free of contaminants.

Before Use

  • IMPORTANT: Do not pour out liquid that may accumulate at top of jar.
  • MIX ALL MATERIALS THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE EVERY DAY to maintain consistency and proper handling properties throughout the life of the jar.
  • Do not bring InSync Glaze or MiYO Colors into contact with water! Contact with water will change the refractive index of liquid & will alter the appearance of colors while wet.
    Always use a clean brush.
  • STRUCTURE MATERIAL ONLY: Use water to clean off brush prior to and during application.

Firing Parameters

One Shot & Structure techniques for one or multiple firings.


The larger the mass of zirconia, the slower the rate of temperature increase is required to allow the large mass to heat up the same internally and externally.


Store under dry conditions, +12°C to +38°C


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