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Alpha HT+

Shade: A0 (White) | Strenght: 1,100 MPa

As LUX’s bestseller block, Alpha HT+ has high transparency as well as high strength 1,100-1,300MPa for coping, full crown and long bridge.

Ivory Multilayer

Shade: A0 (White) | Strenght: 1,100 MPa

LUX Ivory Multilayer is the innovative block which has the different absorption rates of the upper and lower layer with 1,100MPa strength. The most natural gradation effect can be achieved by different absorption rates during color liquid dipping.

Natura Z

Shade: A0 (White) | Strenght: 1,300 MPa

LUX Natura Z with the highest strength about 1,300MPa and mild transparency is suitable for anatomic copping.