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Amber® Mill

New Frontier of Lithium Disilicate-Based CAD/CAM Blocks

Amber® Mill is machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks made of lithium disilicate.
Its reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified machinability are greatly advantageous for patients and clinics.


Rosetta® SM

Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramic Blocks and Disks for Dental CAD/CAM System

Rosetta® SM, an innovative CAD/CAM block product with reliable strength, stable properties, and high precision, supports you with a wide range of indications for aesthetic restorations through CAD/CAM technology.


Zirtooth™ Multi NEO

Zirconia Blocks & Disks

Zirtooth™ Multi NEO is the zirconia block for CAD/CAM systems which enables users to create beautiful restorations in a faster and easier way. Meet the satisfying quality coming from the product with the optimized raw material.