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Freedom HD

More powerful than ever

Not only will you benefit from a quick scanning process, but you will also save your working time by using no fixtures. With a combination of 2.0MP cameras and USB 3.0, Freedom HD can now offer a high quality data with speed.

Freedom UHD

Ultra High-Definition Resolution

The All-New Freedom UHD scanner is a premium 3D scanner with powerful Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution and DOF’s patented Stable Scan Stage (SSS)technology. 5.0MP cameras of the Freedom UHD provides data with the sharpest margin lines.

Mihm-Vogt Tabeo furnaces

TABEO – the optimal result of price and performance

MIHM-VOGT provides you with sintering furnaces in different series with different model variants for your daily tasks, from smaller dental laboratories to milling centers.



The most intuitive and simple Dental CAM solution ever made

MT plus

Wet and dry trimmer

The MT plus is a wet and dry trimmer. Pure power, even the hardest stone is easily removed thanks to the powerful motor performance.


Wet trimmer

The MT3 wet trimmer is impressive due to its exceptionally powerful motor. With the MT3 Renfert provides high-performance trimming at a low price.

Nabertherm furnace LHTCT 01/16

High-Temperature Furnace with SiC Rod Heating for Sintering Zirconia up to 1550 °C

These high-temperature furnaces are perfectly suited for sintering of translucent zirconia units. The
special molybdenum disilicide heating elements offer the best possible protection against chemical
interaction between charge and heating elements.
The zirconia units are positioned in ceramic saggars. Up to three saggars can be stacked into the
high-temperature furnace.

SILENT compact

Single workbench extraction

Compact, dustbag-free suction with automatic filter cleaning and durable collector motor.


Extraction unit for CAM systems

Powerful, bag-free extraction unit with automatic filter cleaning and EC motor technology for heavily used CAM units.


Unique. Compact. Fast.

Swing™ is a uniquely designed L-shaped dental scanner with 1.3-megapixel cameras. Swing™ is compact with open-design that fits anywhere on your desk. Swing™ is fast and intuitive. Higher-performance USB 3.0 can process faster than other scanners with USB 2.0.


Vacuum mixing unit

High-speed vacuum mixing unit with a diaphragm pump for the vacuum and a base mixing function.

Waxlectric II

Electric wax knife

Waxlectric II is the professional device in the electric wax knife range which can be operated with two handpieces simultaneously.