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3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic

Go Beyond Analog®

It comes with core award-winning TRIOS scanning technology and allows you to scan and send cases to your preferred labs and treatment providers.

Asiga 3d printing materials

High Performance Materials

Asiga manufactures a broad range of photopolymer resins for digital dentistry, jewelry and digital manufacturing.

Open Material System

All Asiga printers are 100% open so you can print any suitable material from any supplier for the ultimate in flexibility and economy.


Asiga MAX 3D printer


The Asiga MAX is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint.

Basic eco

Fine sandblasting unit

Compact, a fine sandblasting unit with 1 or 2 blasting tanks.

Basic master

Fine sandblasting unit

Fine sandblasting unit with 2 blasting tanks and large blasting chamber.

Dental Furnace By Shenpaz

Focus 4010

Enjoy beautiful restoration results while staying within budget with Shenpaz small footprint porcelain firing furnaces.

Ideal for new laboratories with limited space or established facilities looking for a cost-effective solution to high quality firing.

Dustex master plus

Dust extractor box

The non-tip and non-slip Dustex master plus extractor box protects against splinters, dust and fumes. An ergonomically well-conceived form and height-adjustable arm rests enable free, comfortable working.


Small Footprint, Big Opportunity

Mill single crowns and bridges on demand.


Intelligent Machine. Effortless Production. Superior Results.

4-Axis Wet Dental Mill that produces crowns, 3-unit bridges, and other single-tooth restorations at high-speed, with maximum ease.

Wet dental milling at it’s best.


The Workhorse That Drives Your Business

5-Axis Dental Milling Machine with added efficiency for next-level production.

With added efficiency for next-level production.


The Ultimate in 24-Hour Productivity…

Dental Milling Machine with Automatic Disc Changer and performance monitoring software.

Now with DWindeX performance management software.


Upgrade your basic

The entry scanner Edge with competitive price and excellent performance. With the model swing method, it has the fastest scanning speed with 1.3MP cameras. It provides essential functions of Impression Scanning and All-in-One Scanning.

exocad DentalCAD

CAD design for labs

The leading OEM-branded dental CAD software: great for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of an expert.