Optimal Machine Workload

hyperDENT® is the world-leading software system in the dental CAM market and is valued among experts for its modular product structure.


Our customers are provided with CAM solutions tailored to their specific application and implementation needs. Regardless of company size and whether for dental or practice labs, FOLLOW-ME! offers suitable hyperDENT® product bundles for a perfect interaction between CAM and machines.

hyperDENT® – Optimal Machine Workload.

hyperDENT® can be utilized on a myriad of milling machines. The integrated milling cycles from the industrial segment are highly efficient and guarantee maximum process stability and top indication quality. High-grade security mechanisms enable a reliable production process for generating complex and stable tool paths. For example, the patented peeling strategies for glass ceramic, which offer perfect surface quality along with maximized tool life. When combined with the Template Generator Module, the milling strategy parameters can be adjusted and optimized for a specific machine. This allows our customers to get the most out of their machines, saving them time and money.

hyperDENT® Overview

  • Open, highly automated and flexible system
  • Complete production process coverage with a single CAM software
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Maximum precision and time efficiency throughout the entire process
  • Material-independent
  • Flexible addition of software modules
  • Maximum freedom in creating templates
  • Additive manufacturing and milling all-in-one
  • Automatic material offset for post milling during the hybrid process
  • Automatic part identification using ID tags
  • Optimum surface finish quality due to proven tool path calculation
  • Consistent software enhancement and development
  • Worldwide premium support service

With hyperDENT® Options, additional modules can be added to hyperDENT® Compact as well as hyperDENT® Classic licenses enabling the CAM software to perfectly match user requirements. Individual modules can be added easily at any time.

The following modules are available:

  • hyperDENT® Template Generator Module
  • hyperDENT® Hybrid Module
  • hyperDENT® Implant Module
  • hyperDENT® Denture Module



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